Tpr. Carey R. Casperson


Tpr. Andy Jeffrey took a larceny complaint (#51-0727-13) today where the victim reported her gold & diamond ring had been stolen.  She named her granddaughter or granddaughter’s boyfriend as possible suspects.  Tpr. Jeffrey did a name search through the website on the granddaughter first, and immediately received a hit with image attached.  He showed the image to the complainant who identified it as the missing ring.  The complainant elected not to pursue charges against her granddaughter.  This complaint was solved and closed within 10 minutes of initial contact with the complainant.  This is a great example of utilizing your investigative resources and leaving the victim with a GREAT impression of the work we do.


Tpr. Carey R. Casperson

Michigan State Police – Paw Paw Post #51

Officer Tom McClung



Used your system to solve a jewelry theft, back when it was still PawnConnect.  I had a seventy three year old widow that befriended a neighbor, giving him odd jobs to help him out.  Over the course of a year and a half he built her trust, to the point where she was giving him access to the house to feed her pets while she was out of town visiting relatives.  During that time, he stole all of her jewelry, pawning all of it.  Since she rarely wore the jewelry anymore, it was all taken before she noticed it.  The tragic part of this is that the jewelry were heirlooms and gifts from her deceased husband.  These items were unique, with most of them being one of a kind.  When she reported it to me, she refused to believe he had anything to do with it, telling me he would never do that to her.  When I ran his name through your system, I was able to located where he had sold the items, and was able to positively identify them through the photos from the sales.  Unfortunately all of her jewelry had been melted down before I could recover it.  Highly recommend your system!  


Officer Tom McClung

Lawton Police Department


David L. Johnson



 On 11-27-12, I received a report from an elderly female victim of a home invasion. She advised all of her jewelry had been stolen, and suspected her grandsons may be involved. I checked and was able to determine that both of her grandsons made pawns on two separate dates. I printed the pictures of the jewelry from the website and showed them to the victim. She was able to positively identify all of the items pawned by both of her grandsons as hers, and we were able to recover her property for her. She is very thankful for your service, and not so happy with her grandsons whom she is now prosecuting for the theft. I have had many such cases like this, and was able to locate and recover stolen items pawned for victims due to

 Thanks, Dave

Chief Tom Korabik


This is a true story.  I just logged into SafeReporting for the very first time to look for some stolen items when one of my officers came in and told me that he had just taken a report where a guitar had been stolen on the previous day.

Not 10 seconds later I was looking at the very guitar that had been taken along with the person who pawned it.


Thank You

Chief Tom Korabik


Sgt. Darin Stanfill
Hello Jeremy,

Im sending this message to let you know of the key role your system had in a very recent home invasion investigation I worked.

The suspect has been charged 2 counts of home invasion and the case is currently in the court system.

VPD took a home invasion complaint a couple months ago, at the scene a fingerprint was lifted off the broken window of the residence. Lab found a match in the fingerprint data base and provided me the name of the match. The match turned out to be the next door neighbor. I then searched the suspects name thru your system and found the suspect sold some of the stolen jewelry at a pawn shop in portage 3 days after the home invasion. I was able to print a picture of the sold jewelry directly from your site and show the picture to the victim who positively identified the jewelry as her stolen property.

From this I was able to obtain a search warrant for the suspects residence where more items from the home invasion was located along with items from a second home invasion which the suspect was also charged with.

The suspect being the neighbor may have had a plausible explanation for her fingerprint being on her neighbors window but being able to locate the information thru your site that she sold some of the stolen jewelry helped make my case very solid.

Thank you for a great site.

Sgt. Darin Stanfill
Vicksburg PD

Shelley Fahrlander/Andrea Zack

To whom it may concern,

My name is Shelly and I just purchased Whitehall Pawn & Coin with my good friend and co-worker Andrea. We had worked together in the store for several years and finally purchased it January of 2013. We were excited and nervous about our new venture and then became more nervous when we heard wind of a new ordinance in our city that would mandate the electronic reporting of all goods purchased or Pawned. We did not know anything about it and wanted to know exactly what this was about before we signed for ownership of our new business.


To Andrea and my surprise the system was easier, more efficient, and less costly than doing it the old fashioned paper way. We are not computer geeks so we were happy that the system is so user friendly (even Andrea can use it:). We like the tracking of our customers to let us quickly recall a person’s transaction history with price of purchase to help us track our repeat customers. This eliminates the need for me to make a bunch of spreadsheets. It is also nice to see photos of the items and the amount we paid. That way I don’t have to track it down when they come back for their items. The system also lets me make a note so I can have a history of certain clients. It helps remind me if someone does not come back for their Pawn repeatedly. I would say the best part of the system is the speed. Repeat customers are already in the system and ready to go without re-entering their general information. It also saves us the hassle of getting the slips to the local police, county police, and local police of the seller.

Thank you SafeReporting for making this process easy, quick, and for keeping the cost down. We just charge our clients $1.00 and keep the $0.75 for our business to help satisfy the time it takes to enter it into the system. It seems to work out well for everyone. 

P.S. The SafeReporting staff is awesome. They are always there to help and want to consistently improve the system to make it better.



Shelley Fahrlander/Andrea Zack

Whitehall Pawn & Coin Outlet, LLC