SafeReporting - Mobile App

We are a Michigan based electronic reporting service that helps law enforcement catch criminals and reduce the annoyance of reporting. was designed by a local Michigan pawn shop and police department for administrative simplicity. Michigan’s State statute states that all pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers, scrap and precious metal/gem dealers must report their transactions within a 48 hour period to law enforcement. With this system, everything is done electronically, which eliminates data input by police staff from dealer’s paper reports (which can have illegible or questionable hand written information) and it provides instant access to “real time” data. With many records on our database (and increasing by the minute), our secure, user friendly, online database system is trusted by law enforcement agencies and participating businesses statewide (and growing). This program is free to law enforcement! 

- Easily search local and long distance resellers through your Android app, based on your current location 
- Search by a person’s name, address, city, description of the item, or the item’s serial number 
- Result list includes the item’s photo, description, price, seller, and the date of the transaction. 
- The watch list is updated in real time 
- A 4 digit pin code protects the app if the phone becomes lost or stolen 
- Directly call the store/customer by selecting the store’s or customer’s number. 
- Get directions from your current location to the store/customer immediately from google maps.