SafeReporting - Online Compliance Reporting

SafeReporting is an online database that pawn shops, jewelry stores, or 2nd hand dealers enter items that they have purchased from a seller. Police officers can then search for stolen items, or receive alerts if a person or item shows up in the system. With one click police officers can also search ebay and craigslist for the same items in there local area.


What are the benefits for police departments? 

Law Enforcement transaction database  Bouncing from dealer to dealer to pick up forms and then entering them into a database is a waste of your detective's valuable time. They should be utilizing their time making our communities a safer place. With SafeReporting we can accomplish that by:  

  • Eliminating data input by police staff from dealer’s paper reports. 
  • Providing instant access to “real time” data.
  • Presenting uniform searchable data that is accessible by law enforcement.
  • Displaying digital data. No more illegible or questionable hand written information.
  • Giving police the ability to have e-mail alerts when a “person of interest” make a sale to a dealer.
  • Streamlining multi-agency “real time” reporting within a statewide network.
  • Maintaining automated updates to watch lists and mobile watch lists.
  • Viewing watch lists from smart phones.
  • Allowing police departments free access while making it affordable to dealers.
  • Developed by a local Michigan police department for ease of use.

What are the benefits for Dealers?

Pawn Shop and Second Hand Store compliance reporting   Running a business is stressful. Let us take some of the burden off. With instant and accurate reporting, you can rest well knowing you won’t be getting a special visit from our friends in blue.
  • Instant, real time reporting data.
  • Legible forms. All data is received digitally so there is no handwriting issues.
  • Affordable for dealers.
  • Ease of use. Designed by a local Michigan pawn shop and police department for administrative simplicity.
  • Ability to search for items reported stolen before buying items from seller.
  • Digital, searchable history of all purchases.