Michigan PA102 1999

Public Act 102 of 1999, commonly referred to as the Statewide School Safety Information Act, mandates the sharing of information about public school students between the police, schools, prosecutors and the courts. The effective date of the Act was January 2, 2000. 

The law states in part: 

a. If school officials of a school district determine that an incident has occurred at school that is required to be reported to law enforcement agencies according to the Statewide School Safety Information Policy (Appendix 2), under this section, the superintendent of the school district, or his or her designee, immediately shall report that finding to the appropriate state or local law enforcement agency in the manner prescribed in the statewide school safety information policy. 

b. The local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over a school building of a school district shall report to the school officials of the school building incidents reported to the law enforcement agency that allege the commission of a crime and that, according to the incident report, either occurred on school property or within 1,000 feet of the school property or involved a pupil or staff member of the school as a victim or alleged perpetrator. Upon request by a law enforcement agency, school officials shall provide the law enforcement agency with any information the law enforcement agency determines it needs to provide this report to school officials. 

c. The prosecuting attorney of a county shall notify a school district located in whole or in part in that county of any criminal or juvenile court action initiated or taken against a pupil of the school district, including, but not limited to, convictions, adjudications, and dispositions. 

d. The appropriate court shall inform an appropriate school administrator of the name of the individual assigned to monitor a convicted or adjudicated youth attending a public school and of how that individual may be contacted.