DetectiveCAD - Law Enforcement Case and Time Management

Safety / Reporting / Field Notes

DetectiveCAD is a simple-to-use software that makes note taking, 
reviewing and tracking of case files, creating reports and providing safety
for each detective…… QUICK and EASY 


Have you ever wished……

  • There was a way to locate a detective, at any given time, while they were in the field?
  • There was a less time consuming way of writing case reports?
  • There was a way to review a case while in the field but it was in the office?
  • There was a way to track how much time a detective spent on a specific case?

DetectiveCAD can help with all these wishes.

  • DetectiveCAD’s GPS updates every five minutes to provide each detective’s location during their shift
  • DetectiveCAD allows the detective to make notes and enter case information from their Android phone
  • DetectiveCAD gives the detective a way to review case data, from their Android phone, while in the field
  • DetectiveCAD tracks time spent on each case by using their Android phone


Field Notes
Field notes are the most important tool for a detective.  Our field note creation tool allows a detective to track time on a case, as well as, notes for the case and the GPS location of where the note was taken.  With the new Android devices that have speech to text, you don’t even have to type the notes, just speak them!  Back at the station, you can login with an Internet browser to see all of your field notes and the timeline of entering the notes into the system.  You also have the capability to erase notes that don’t need to be stored with the case. 


GPS Tracking

DetectiveCAD tracker allows a user to view the location of all the detectives in the past 5 minutes, and allows a user to view the detectives’ tracks for the current day, or any day in the past year. As a user, you can add dispatch and they, too, can see where the detectives are, as well as their tracks for the day.