Snowpaths is a customizable web application that allows a community to track their snowplows, giving real-time progress after a heavy snowfall. Using this information, residents can avoid heavy snow and build a stronger sense of community with the city.

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Smart Planet Software

With the current government budget cuts and staffing cuts law enforcement officers need help being the heroes the citizens need them to be. Smart Planet Software is dedicated to providing tools and support to help these officers do there job as efficiently as possible and let them focus on stopping crime.    

SafeReporting web based compliance reporting for law enforcement 
Safe Reporting is a web based compliance reporting system for Pawn Shops, Second Hand Stores, Antique Dealers, Precious Metal Dealers, Junk Dealers, and other buyers and dealers of used merchandise. SafeReporting provides a simple way to comply with State laws that mandate the reporting of all purchased precious metals, jewelry, secondhand articles and junk. SafeReporting allows dealers to report quickly and accurately. 

 DetectiveCAD online case notes and time tracking system
DetectiveCAD is a simple-to-use software that makes note taking, reviewing and tracking of case files, creating reports and providing safety for each detective…… QUICK and EASY

Each day, the SIRENS system receives an electronic update from the Prosecutor’s Office database. This update contains case information on juvenile petitions submitted to their office, as well as disposition information on cases that proceeded through the juvenile system formally. If there is an authorized case involving a student who is charged as an adult, the Prosecutor’s Office manually enters the case information into the SIRENS system.